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By Dr. Howard Schaengold
January 15, 2014
Category: Surgery

Laser surgery

If you love stories, art, or music, you’ll want to be part of “Life Stories” – an event on January 25 that encourages teens and older adults to share their stories with each other. It is sponsored by the Sammamish Arts Commission, EX3 Teen Center, and the "Y." Writers, artists, and musicians will help participants tell their stories through poetry, visual arts, and music. Everyone has a story to tell, and how fun to share those in new ways and learn more about each other!

Of course, sometimes we don’t wish to share our whole story. We are often hesitant to talk about things that embarrass us – like those wartson our hands or feet. In fact, worry over how we look to others and what they might think about those unsightly growths can interfere with our enjoyment of life. Beyond that, a plantar wart on the sole of the foot can be annoying or even painful: it feels like you have a stone in your shoe and makes it hard to walk, run, or play your favorite sport. Warts can be contagious, so getting rid of them quickly is good for all concerned.

Thankfully, there is help! Dr. Howard Schaengold specializes in laser surgery for wart removal. The laser is a concentrated beam of light that is aimed at the cells of the wart without damaging other tissue. The beam heats up the water in the cells until they vaporize, but all you feel is a warm sensation – not pain. It’s quick and effective, and you will usually be able to walk out the door as you came in – minus the wart! We may also use ointments or oral medications along with the laser for the best possible outcome.

Bothered by warts? Don’t wait and hope they’ll go away on their own. Write them out of your story today! Contact The Plateau Foot & Ankle Clinic in Sammamish at (425) 868-3338, and set up a time to visit our office. We also serve patients in Redmond, Issaquah, and Bellevue. Your good foot health is our goal!

By Howard Schaengold, DPM
June 15, 2012
Category: Surgery

Foot SurguryWhen foot problems don’t respond to conservative treatments, your podiatrist may recommend surgery to relieve pain, correct a foot deformity or restore function in your foot and/or ankle. 

Podiatric surgery is performed by board certified foot surgeons who specialize in surgery of the feet and ankles. An expert podiatrist can diagnose the cause of your foot pain and determine whether surgical intervention may be helpful for you based on factors such as type of procedure being performed, your age and medical history.

Howard Schaengold, DPM offers a variety of surgical procedures aimed to solve your lower extremity pains and deformities. Foot surgery is performed to treat many foot problems including:

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Fractures
  • Heel pain
  • Neuromas
  • Flatfoot
  • Warts
  • Nail problems

Surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems can help you return to your active lifestyle while relieving pain and discomfort.  Benefits of surgery include:

  • Resolution of painful, chronic foot problems
  • Increased mobility and ability to perform and participate in everyday activities
  • Improved foot appearance
  • Ability to wear a broader range of footwear and walk more comfortably

Following surgery, your podiatrist will provide you with detailed instructions on caring for your foot/feet during recovery.  Your podiatrist will work with you to ensure the foot heals normally and without complications for the best possible outcome.

When your feet hurt, your entire body hurts. At Howard Schaengold, DPM, we do everything possible to get you back on your feet with the latest conservative treatments to resolve your problem without surgical intervention. And when conservative methods aren’t responsive, we can provide the highest quality of expert care for all foot and ankle conditions using the most current surgical techniques for shorter recovery times and an enhanced outcome.

By Howard Schaengold, DPM
June 01, 2012
Category: Surgery
Tags: Bunions   bunionectomy   bunion surgery  

BunionsCharacterized by a large, unsightly bump on the side of the big toe joint, bunions signal an underlying deformity in the structure of the foot. Left untreated, bunions may become progressively worse, causing severe discomfort, difficulty walking, redness and swelling.

Treatment options vary with the severity of each bunion. Identifying the deformity early in its development is important in avoiding surgery. Common conservative treatments include rest, ice, padding, orthotics and footwear modifications.  Many times a combination of these simple lifestyle changes and non-surgical approaches are enough to relieve the pain and stop the progression of the bunion, although these treatments won’t reverse the actual deformity.

When non-surgical treatments fail to relieve your pain or your bunion is interfering with normal, daily activities, Howard Schaengold, DPM may recommend a bunionectomy, which involves the surgical removal of a bunion to reduce pressure and repair the joint. There are a variety of surgical procedures available to treat bunions. The goal of surgery is to correct the deformity by realigning the toe by removing the bony bump and restoring normal, pain-free function.  

When you should consider bunion surgery from your podiatrist:

  • Nonsurgical, conservative treatment has failed to relieve your bunion pain
  • Walking or performing normal, everyday tasks is difficult and painful
  • The simple act of wearing shoes causes pain
  • Your big toe joint is constantly swollen

Your age and health may also determine your candidacy for bunion surgery. Your podiatrist will work with you to determine the best treatment for your individual needs. The podiatric professionals at Howard Schaengold, DPM have received advanced training in the surgical removal of bunions, relieving the pain and helping patients return to the activities they enjoy.