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By Dr. Howard Schaengold
January 27, 2014
Category: Cold Weather


If you like to hike—even during our dark and rainy Sammamish winters—nearby Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park offers a number of trails to enjoy. Go out on a sunny day if you can, and watch the scampering squirrels or hear the birds trilling as you enjoy the brooks, falls and wooded scenery. Whether you head out for a brisk hike in the park, over to the mall for a day of shopping, or around the block to walk the dog, you want to keep your feet comfortable, warm, and pain free. That can be a problem if you have a bunion.

That bony bump sticking out at the base of your big toe can rub against your shoe and make you grimace with every step. Shoe choice to head off bunion pain can be even trickier in winter. The same shoes designed to keep your feet warm and dry in cold weather can sometimes be heavy or stiff, and fashion boots can be even worse with their high heels and narrow toes.

Don’t despair, though. Several companies specialize in bunion shoes, and offer attractive styles—from clogs and slip-ons to Mary Jane’s and boots—that will keep your feet warm and dry in winter weather. Bunion shoes also have wider toe boxes and lower heels to treat your feet kindly. You don’t need to give up on style to find comfortable shoes that won’t cause pain.

Podiatrists are a good source when you are looking for information about the best shoes for your feet. Dr. Howard Schaengold at The Plateau Foot & Ankle Clinic can expertly evaluate your feet, treat your bunions, and recommend the best shoe type for you. Contact our Sammamish office at (425) 868-3338, or request information online. Then, whether you live in Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue or Kirkland, you can find shoes that will let you step out in style and comfort.

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